2016 Annual Report

Dear Members,  


As I reflect on this past year, we have much to be thankful for and celebrate here at Community Church.  We have dedicated staff, working long hours to provide ministry to our community of faith, the community in which we live, and the wider global community.  We have volunteers serving on numerous boards and committees, in Sunday School and preschool classrooms, as choir members, ushers, greeters, parking attendants, mentors, chaperones on mission trips, decorators at Christmas time, rummage sale sorters, and those that represent us in various mission activities.  There are so many of you who serve in other capacities and some, in ways we will never know.  We have a congregation that financially supports the ministries and mission activities of our church.  We are a blessed people!  


We are blessed to have a congregation that understands and appreciates our financial stewardship.  Our various committees that have financial responsibilities for the spending of our pledges have been cognizant of their charge and at the same time generous and understanding of their mission. They take very seriously their fiduciary responsibility. We have had a very active year of pledges and bequests.  As members leave us they have very generously left a legacy that will surely supplement our church mission for many years to come. The 1924 Society continues to grow and thrive.  One milestone in our financial picture is the continued emphasis by the Trustees to eliminate our debt.  The church debt from a high several years ago of over $5,000,000, to today being only $107,000, will disappear totally very shortly.  Our financial picture keeps getting brighter.  The campus improvements have been many this year, including, the improved sanctuary sound system, the improved C2 facilities, improved campus security, the chapel renovations, including the new organ and many others that you might not have even noticed. 
Our ministerial and senior staff continues to attract quality people.  With the addition of Andrew Galuska, David Johnson and Elizabeth Hipp we are poised for a very exciting year ahead.   


I would like to express my gratitude to the entire staff here at Community Church.  Every position is an important cog in our wheel and our church leadership appreciates and has your individual wellbeing at heart in every decision. I have seen firsthand your dedication and commitment to our church.  On behalf of the congregation, thank you for a job well done!  
I would finally like to thank the congregation for giving me the honor and privilege of serving as your Moderator the last 3 years.  We are one of the largest United Church of Christ churches and until you see it first-hand you cannot appreciate the immense time and effort that is put into administering your church.  Please thank a church employee and warmly welcome Allison Matsik as your new Moderator.  This church is a blessing in all of our lives.
Gene Waddell, Moderator  

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