Sunday School & Nurseries





Sunday School (Community Kids) and nursery childcare are offered during the 10:00 a.m. worship service hour for infants up to Grade 5.  Our fabulous volunteers and nursery staff are ready to greet your child upon arrival, with classes equipped with age-appropriate toys and games for each the lessons.  The Old Testament kicks off in the fall with hands-on activities surround each Bible story. 


Parents are asked to please take children to their Sunday School class prior to the worship service:


Infant to Age 2 – Hatchlings, room 221

Ages 2 & 3 – Lil’ Monkeys, room 222

Age 4 – Grade 2 - The Beach, room 211

Grades 3, 4 & 5 – The Loft, room 205



Grades 4 & up children interested in being a part of the worship services as an acolyte, are welcome to join us in the fall for a brief training class. 


For more information about the Children’s Ministry and its events or programs, please call Neal Watkins at (772) 469-2316 or email neal.watkins