Who We Are

We are a strong and active 2,200 member church centered in the downtown area of Vero Beach.  Standing in the long tradition of the Protestant Reformation, we partner together to worship God, care for one another, and participate in local missions to help our greater community.


Founded in 1924, our church has had a long tradition of celebrating the arts, caring for the residents of Vero Beach, and nurturing children.  Our church hosts the Indian River Symphonic Association which brings world-class symphonies to our community.  Through the Music Ministry, we produce a yearly concert series that brings talent from across the country.


Community Church also designates 12% of our annual budget to missions with the vast majority of that money staying within the county.  We also have a few special offerings each year to support needs around the world.  We not only send money out, but we also send people as well.  Whether tutors or volunteers, our members are actively involved in local mission work.


Children are celebrated at Community Church!  The Community Preschool prepares 150 young learners each day to find a passion and love for learning.  Our Children's Ministry and Youth Ministry help foster children's spiritual lives in themed rooms that range from a theatre, to art, to a state of the art teen center.


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