Love God,

Love your neighbor.

The two greatest commandments given to us by Jesus.


We invite all individuals of Community Church to participate in our community of service,
as together we respond to God’s call to go out into the community and the world to love others.


Inspired by the Holy Spirit, we gather to worship God, glorify Christ as Lord and Savior,
strengthen and nurture each other and share God’s love through service to all.”

When hurricanes hit Florida in 2010, Bruce headed into the storm zone with a group of volunteers. As a professional builder, Bruce wanted to use his talents to “give something back.” For two weeks, the team reconstructed houses and cleaned up debris. At night, they slept at a local Baptist church. One evening, the church’s pastor asked Bruce to join him on a different kind of volunteer mission. A short while later, Bruce found himself feeding the homeless under a bridge. As Bruce looked into the eyes of the homeless, he was changed forever. While doing God’s work, Bruce found himself looking into the eyes of Jesus.


The Mission Board of The Community Church of Vero Beach works to offer those kinds of opportunities for you!

Where is God calling YOU to serve others?





How can you become involved?




 Join us on one of the Community Caravan tours of our local mission partners.
Call the Mission Office for current dates of Caravans. (772-469-2355)


Check in with a Mission Board member on Sunday mornings in the courtyard.
Our Outreach table always has mission opportunities available.


Visit any of our mission partners to see where you may be the feet and hands of Christ.
Information is always available by calling the Mission Office (772-469-2355)