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January 10 Post

The Community Church of Vero Beach embodies the love of God made known to us through Christ. As a uniting and United Church of Christ, we create a place of transformation through our love for one and our compassion for the vulnerable. Our exuberant joy comes when we believe we are engaged in something that makes a difference in our lives and in the world for the glory of God.

Our unity does not depend on agreeing with one another on everything. We are considered a purple church in a red and blue world, not because we are not distinct in our differences, we are. Yet we are committed to our vision to be a church where there is more that binds us together than separates us in the worship of God. It is our faith, not our politics, that binds us together.

We’re half-way through our celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of your Community Church, with the best yet to come. As of this week, the first 100 years of our faith life together has ended, 1924-2023. We now begin our second 100-year history.

We’ve just celebrated Epiphany, the time of the great showing of God’s new plans through a star in the heavens, recognized by the wise ones of the world. We held on to the hem of Mary’s garment at the conclusion of the Christmas story, as the wisdom of the world searched out God’s new story through the life of Christ.

In case we’ve missed the memo that God is doing a new thing, Jesus is now all grown up and out of the manger. Jesus invites us to come and see where God is leading next as he launches his ministry. The fantastic story of God’s great renewal and reversal of history through Christ will carry us through the next three months, culminating with God’s triumphant victory over the death dealing ways of our world at Easter. On March 31, we’ll celebrate with a World Premiere “Gloria” for orchestra and choir written by our own Andrew Galuska. Buckle up your spiritual seat belt. God is about to take us for a thrilling ride.

As our Epic Journey of faith continues in 2024, we remember Jesus’ prayer for his disciples that “they may be one so that the world may believe”, (John 17:21). God inspires us to pray for unity and to work for that day when abundance for all will mean scarcity for none. May history and eternity meet in the present as we respond to what God is calling us to do now.

May the strength of God sustain us;

may the power of God preserve us;

may the hands of God protect us;

may the way of God direct us;

and may the love of God go with us.

This we pray through Christ our Rock and Redeemer,

and by God’s Spirit that remains with us always,

even to the end of time. Amen

Rev. Dr. Anna V. Copeland

Senior Minister, The Community Church of Vero Beach

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