Pastoral Care

The mission of Pastoral Care at Community Church is to build a caring Christian community that enhances and supports the lives of the congregation and the wider community. It seeks to provide high-quality, spiritually based care and supportive resources and programs for times of trial, celebration, and rites of passage. Community Church attempts to offer easy access to ordained clergy, trained lay people, and other support professionals, as needed.


Rev. Joel Reif is the Minister of Community Care. Joel works with our Pastoral Care Coordinator, Suzanne Rice, to coordinate calling by the clergy staff on those hospitalized, homebound, or experiencing life crises. They also oversee able teams of lay ministers who serve the congregation in numerous ways.


Emergency Response

Our pastoral team seeks to be responsive to church members’ needs at all times. Church members are encouraged to call the Pastoral Care phone line (772-469-2305) for help in such matters as:

  • Hospitalization and requests for hospital visits
  • Death of a family member
  • Personal or family crisis
  • Referral to a counselor or support group
  • Request for prayer chain support
  • Other personal concerns

If the call is received after church hours, a minister’s cell phone number will be given on the phone message which may be reached day or night.



For those shut-ins who are unable to attend worship services, we have made arrangements for the Deacons to bring communion to you – usually following worship.  This can occur on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. If you are a shut-in and would like to receive communion, please contact the church office or Rev. Joel Reif.


Prayer and Anointing

Prayer and Anointing are available following worship on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.