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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is at the heart of God’s work for people of all ages at the Community Church. The word pastor comes from Latin word for shepherd. God is the Shepherd. In Psalm 23 the Shepherd leads, guides, feeds, comforts and protects his sheep.

Community Church pastors are deeply committed to their congregation and the Vero Beach community. This commitment includes hospital, hospice and home visits for the sick or injured, counseling and prayer, religious education, funerals, and weddings, as well as organizing religious and faith-based community activities on and off campus.

Ministries of Compassion

Clergy and Community Church members visit and pray with members and friends in need. Clergy and lay leaders provide comfort and care in times of grief, transition, and illness. We also celebrate with members and friends life’s many joyful events.

Memorial Services

Heartache, loneliness, and suffering may strike us at the loss of a loved one. People grieve in different ways. Saying goodbye to a loved one is difficult. Family tension may add to the stress during an already emotional time. And, families are often unsure about what’s involved in memorial service planning and bereavement. Members and friends can count on Community Church clergy for advice and counsel, and often welcome the special counseling and contact during the year after their loss.


Holding Hands

Request Pastoral Care

Your Community Church provides confidential caring and compassionate Pastoral Care to anyone in our church or community. Please contact Call Suzanne Rice, Pastoral Care Administrator, if you or someone you know would benefit from pastoral care at (772) 562-3633.

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