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Music and Fine Arts Ministry

Music and the fine arts are at the core of Community Church’s celebration of God and its spiritual life. Both reflect the order, beauty and diversity of God’s creation. Praising God through music and art is one of our most popular and celebrated forms of ministry at Community Church.

Different voices, instruments, musical styles and arrangements are blended by our staff, volunteer and professional choirs, musicians into a vital, living, and unified reflection of God’s work.

Music and art confirms that the gospel is as relevant today as it was centuries ago. Old and new Hymns tell the biblical story and teach the nature of God from other cultures, languages and eras.

Choirs and Ensembles


In 2020 the Community Church of Vero Beach established the Viner Series for the Visual Arts to showcase the work of area artists. The series is named for Teryl Townsend Viner who served Community Church as a Deacon and as a member of its Board of Music and Fine Arts. A gifted painter, Teryl is listed in” Who’s Who of American Art”. In 2012 she was commissioned to create a painting for the church’s newly renovated chapel. You can view her work, Reflection, in the Narthex of Grace Chapel.

Now showing:
2023 Viner Artist Sept-Nov George Pillor




Pastel is both a drawing and painting medium.  The pastel is a finger-sized stick of pure color held in the hand and applied to a special sandpaper.  The grit of the sandpaper holds the chalky pigment.
As a former architect, I worked in the long-ago age before computers could draw and paint.  I like to draw by hand, so the pastel technique is natural to me, and I enjoy doing it.  In addition, I enjoy its colorful nature and the convenient attribute that it is applied quickly and is dry.
My subject matter is taken from my candid photos of people, landscapes, and flowers.  I simplify, rearrange, and adjust the image before rendering it in a painterly and colorful way.

Upcoming Events

Our Lively-Fulcher Organ

Click here to download a booklet about our amazing Lively-Fulcher Organ.

Meet the Music and Fine Arts Team

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