Community Preschool

Imagine a place where your child is celebrated and cherished. 


Imagine a place where your child thrives in learning and friendship. 


Imagine a place where your child's imagination is sparked and stretched.




That place has been realized at Community Preschool!  Each day, children excitedly arrive to see what new experiences await them.  Whether it is the welcome hug from their teacher or a high five from a friend, each child is celebrated from the moment they arrive.  Then, throughout the day, they learn in engaging environments that help to foster a love for learning.  And preschool would not be complete without the highlight of playground time!  Each class has ample time to play on age appropriate playgrounds. 


In just one visit, you will realize the uniqueness that is Community Preschool.  We invite you to take a tour and see the joy that our children experience!  To learn more about our programs, please click on the link below for more information!


For more information on Community Preschool,
please call (772) 469-2339.

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