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Where Do I Park?

There are multiple places to park at Community Church.  Please see the map below and notice the blue highlighted areas on the map.  We have four parking lots surrounding the campus.  

  • Two of the lots are accessed off of 23rd St.

  • The North Parking Lot is reachable from 19th Ave.

  • The South Parking Lot is easily accessed off of 21st St.


We also have more parking options available:

  • The shuttle lot at 25th Street and 19th Avenue, directly north of the church. In the busy season you get car-door-to-church-door shuttle service when you park there

  • The Carter Building, 21st Street and 17th Avenue, southeast of the church.

  • The County Parking Garage, 21st Street between 17th and 17th Avenues, southeast of the church.

Since we also have more people attending church each Sunday, we still need more people to take advantage of these alternate sites.

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